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Morning Links for Jan. 2, 2014
Jell-O shots, a resto critic revealed, and a daring rescue.

The UW-Madison Badgers lost the Capital One Bowl. The snow is barreling down. And it’s the first 2014 edition of Morning Links!

  • Some of us made resolutions for 2014. Some of us just ate chips and watched football games. If you did make a resolution and it involved weight loss, here are the three foods you should supposedly avoid in 2014.
  • Good news for the passengers of the Russian research vessel stuck in ice in Antarctica. Rescue!
  • Adam Platt has come out! The New York Magazine dining critic has revealed his identity. He looks like… well, not what you may have thought he’d look like.
  • Celeb chef Nigella Lawson – who recently had her dirty laundry aired in court – is now talking about her “mortifying” fraud trial.

  • And because I can't stop talking about food... Eatocracy is looking back at the year in food and makes predictions for what will be cool in 2014. Jell-O shots, really?

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