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Winter Fashion
'Tis the season for layering.

Winter accessories that work. 

Some may think that words winter and fashion don’t mix. Just because it's frosty out there, it doesn’t mean your fashion sense has to get buried by the snow. Hit up the post-Christmas sales to score some great deals on in-season clothes and accessories. I had great luck last week at both J. Crew at Bayshore and Anthropologie in the Third Ward.

Here are a few great trends that will keep you warm and stylish throughout the winter:

Live in layers – Don't want to hang up your favorite leather jacket? Pair it with a flannel shirt and top with a big wool scarf to make it winter appropriate. Or, it can double as a topper over a sparkly cocktail dress for one of the many holiday parties. Opaque tights, leggings, sweaters on top of blouses – allow it to all work together for a structured or casual look. 

A well-styled look from H&M's winter collection.

Don a hat – I personally love wearing hats of all styles both indoor and out during the winter. (Bonus: no need to style your hair) A hat is certainly more acceptable indoor during this time of year. The floppy beanie, newsboy or beret all look great on most everyone.

Rock mix and matched prints
– Start small if you don't think you can pull it off. This lovely blonde (at left) did a spectacular job, but it is a bold look. This trend also lends itself well to layering. 

Hold it all together with a cross body satchel - They're great for keeping your hands free and covered by mittens!

A few other fun trends that aren't necessarily for warmth, but I am a big fan of: peter pan collars on delicate little blouses, suede elbow patches on sweaters or jackets, big chunky collared necklaces, a and versatile light wash denim shirt.

Now don’t get me wrong, I am not criticizing anyone who throws on a puffy parka and a pair of Uggs to run out and do some errands. But just don’t make that the only thing you wear this winter, please!

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 A double whammy: layers and mixed prints. 

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