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Anaba's Ramen Replacement
Tochi will offer its take on Japanese noodles.

                                                     Photo via Shutterstock

Tochi – the noodle joint set to replace Shorewood’s Anaba Tea Room this January – will make generous use of the serving dish known as the bowl. Tochi (you say, “toe-chee”) is the Japanese word for “torch.” Longtime Anaba chef Gregg Des Rosier is leading the culinary transformation of the restaurant inside the Garden Room (2107 E. Capitol Dr.). Recent ramen consumption in New York City added eight pounds to Des Rosier’s frame, he says, but it was crucial to the research process. And to bringing the ramen "cult following," as he calls it, to Milwaukee. Ramen comes in different styles, and Tochi will take on newer forms of ramen, such as miso (ramen in miso broth) and mazeman (which is more of a noodle dish than a soup). The Tochi menu will also offer things like congee (a rice porridge) and steamed buns (prices: $5-$13). Anaba’s copious tea list will be pared down a bit. Anaba's last day of business is Dec. 29, after which three-plus weeks will be devoted to changing the interior to a look that's both "fun and contemporary," says Des Rosier. Whatever that means... Targeted D-day for Tochi: Jan. 17.  

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