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Southern Stallis
The old Bunker's has a new theme -- burgers and barbecue.


Bunker Barbecue
Scott Bunker once lent his name to a bar-restaurant serving classic cocktails and rumaki. However, his Bunker’s Nostalgic Lounge & Eatery (7420 W. Greenfield Ave.) took a long walk off a short pier last summer. But why keep a Stallis storefront empty? Bunker has returned to the restaurant-running fold in that very location with Double B’s BBQ, replacing the retro look of its predecessor with the ambiance of a tin-and-barn-board shack. Remember, there are two B’s in the name. One stands for barbecue; the other, for burgers. Meats are dry-rubbed and served with one of four sauces (mustard base, Kansas City style, etc.). Ribs, brisket and pork shoulder share the menu with eight kinds of burgers and Southern-style dishes like jambalaya and catfish. Sides include coleslaw, baked beans and cornbread. Hours: Mon-Thurs 11 a.m.-10 p.m.; Fri-Sat 11 a.m.-11 p.m. Prices: $7.95 and up. (414-257-9510)

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