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Powerful Wind
SC Johnson introduces two high-tech wind turbines to Waxdale plant.

The words “Windex” and “clean” have always been synonymous. But now there is even more truth to that association.

This morning, SC Johnson’s Waxdale plant in Racine – home of products such as Scrubbing Bubbles, Glade and, yes, Windex – added a pair of 415-foot wind turbines to its clean energy program. These state-of-the-art giants wield 135-foot blades and will generate enough electricity to power 700 homes annually. Combine that with the power produced by two existing cogeneration turbines, and SC Johnson’s largest manufacturing facility is now able to produce an average of 100 percent of its electrical energy on-site.

The Vensys turbines are the first of their kind in Wisconsin. They require less maintenance and work more efficiently than traditional gearbox-type turbines. Their introduction in Racine – the result of the largest on-site, company-owned wind turbine manufacturing project in the Midwest – means carbon emissions at the Waxdale plant will be reduced by 6,000 metric tons annually.

Next up on the 126-year-old company’s environmental agenda? Becoming landfill neutral by 2016.

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Jay_Warner Posted: 12/19/2012 6:16:56 PM
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Yea! See, it can be done! I'm sure SCJ didn't do this completely out of the goodness of their hearts; there must be some economic advantage. This installation was on their immediate property partly because the rules for power generation require longer distances to fall under the PSC, controlled private company requirements. We need to find a way to let anyone generate power, and feed it to a single customer. Or feed it into the grid for that customer, at a rate set by the customer & supplier, not by WE Energies.
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