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Holiday Hair
A tutorial to help you create luscious retro waves.

Photo: Crystal Schreiner Model: Molly Marigold Hair and Makeup: Lyneé Ruiz

Do you love those bouncy, vintage hair waves but have no idea how to get it yourself? I had so many clients at my salon ask how to achieve this at home, so I decided to make a how-to video. Plus, it's just in time for that New Year's Eve party or Christmas soiree. Enjoy!

Here are is the list of products I used for quick reference:

  • Moroccan Oil

A nickel-sized amount used mid-strand to end on wet hair.
  • Aveda Confixor

Use generously. I used about 2 quarter-sized amounts on wet hair from roots to ends.
  • Bumble & Bumble Brilliantine

Use a pea size amount through the mid-strand to ends of dry hair after style. This creates the look of separated strands as well as polish.
  • Tools
1. 3/4-inch curling iron
2. Boar bristle brush

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