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Morning Links for Dec. 17, 2013
Warm up with these hot and fresh newsy links.
Nothin' like a blustery wave of snow to wake the senses on this chilly Tuesday. Warm up with the links.
  • Mostly suburban-dwelling Wisconsin Republicans have raised a wide-reaching bill to expand charter schools, says the Journal Sentinel
  • The Justice Department will fine a sand-mining company $200,000 for pollution and "operational problems." The company, Preferred Sands, has been operating in western Wisconsin when the issues began in 2011. 
  • The Los Angeles Times reports that young California war veterans have an unusually high death rate. 
  • A judge has ruled that the NSA has probably violated the Constitution with its expansive collection program for cell phone metadata. 
  • A national chain of business-tech news websites has launched a Wisconsin site, according to a presser from the WEDC. 

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