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Win Tickets to NEWaukee's New Year's Eve Party!
We just might have the last pair of tickets to this sold-out event. Comment for a chance to win.

 We just might have the last two tickets to NEWaukee’s always-popular New Year’s Eve party. This year, the group takes over the Milwaukee Art Museum with a Blue Moon hop drop, a live video confessional booth, photo booths, an oxygen bar and more. See performances by DJ Romke, Femme Féroce Performance Co., Joe Wray and others.

Read all about the event here.

When: Monday, Dec. 31

Where: Milwaukee Art Museum

How: Tell us your most epic New Year’s Eve story and convince us you deserve these tickets. Comment before 5 p.m. on Thursday, Dec. 20 for a chance to win.

Thanks for entering. The winner has been notified via email.

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overland Posted: 12/20/2012 4:56:14 PM
 2   3    

Dec. 30, 2009: I had been conversing with my best friend on NYE plans. We could not make a decision on what we should do. Plans were made earlier to reserve a hotel suite in Chicago along with VIP at a club. The cost would have been offset by sharing with friends. However, our friends had spent more than they anticipated for Christmas and abandoned NYE plans. We had talked about going out to NYC, but airfare had quickly doubled in cost. The reality was quickly setting in that I might be sitting at home watching Dick Clark on TV. As traditional is that idea sounded, it seemed to be rather depressing option at the time for being 22 years old. I told my friend that I would drive us to NYC if he was able to find a place for us to stay along with a place to put parking. He had questioned my sanity at the point and reminded me of the distance and time it would take. I reassured him that I was well aware and committed to doing something epic for NYE. Within a hour he had made arrangements to leave my car at his cousins in New Jersey and we could stay with a old high school friend of ours who had coincidentally landed a one-month internship in Manhattan. An hour later I found myself driving home and packing. Thirty minutes later I was driving to Chicago to pick up my friend.... and then it happened. The weather changed for the worse and began snowing. Getting through Indiana was fairly easy, but the weather quickly worsened and we found ourselves at 50MPH through Ohio. My friend began to dose off and I continued our journey. Hours later he awoke and began asking how much progress we had made. According to the GPS we were about a third of the way through Pennsylvania. We were experiencing white out conditions at 2am. He had asked me how I knew where the road was. I pointed up ahead at the reflectors that shined up ahead. "As long as we're in between those we should be fine," I replied. He looked at me with a blank face. "I don't want to hear anymore. I'm going back to sleep before I have a heart attack." Luckily we made it through the storm and through Pennsylvania. The sun was now rising and we had made our way into New Jersey. I was physically and mentally exhausted. Our trip had taken us a total of 17 hours when we arrived at his cousin’s house; about three hours longer than anticipated. Since we were behind schedule, we made our visit brief and continued on our way by taking a cab to a train station and then hopping a train to Manhattan. I had never been to NYC before and I was not prepared to see such a busy city. When we got off the train and walked to the street level, I was in complete shock. Seeing NYC in the movies was one thing, but actually being there and experiencing it was another. I had now been awake for 29 hours and I was still going. Eventually we met up with our friend from high school. It turned out that she was living five blocks from Times Square. It could not have been better. I couldn’t believe how well our luck was in planning this in only an hour’s time. We relaxed at her apartment and went out for some food. After we had decided to stop over at Times Square and see how many people were there. It was almost six in the afternoon and completely packed. I had never seen so many people or so many police officers in my life. Every block had about 50 police officers. I was only wearing dress shoes, jeans, and a leather coat. We had made the decision that we should remain there as we were several blocks away. Returning later would only push us further back. If you’ve never seen the NYE ball in person; you’re not missing out on much. It’s much…much smaller in real life. With fatigue setting in, I started to question why we drove 900 miles to watch a ball drop. This didn’t seem like a rationale thing to do. Today day I still question it. I suppose it was a pilgrimage that everyone should experience. We stood outside for the remaining six hours in 30 degree temperatures with a million other people. It was lightly raining/sleeting the entire time. I’ll never forget how many people there was, nor the fatigue, or weather for the matter. I felt like we were out there for days and at several points we had debated on skipping out and seeking refuge in a bar. We held fast and though and eventually the ball had dropped. I was past the point of exhaustion now since I had been standing for six hours and awake from 36 hours. All of us were tired. We managed to walked back to our friends apartment and have one drink at a nearby bar. I remained in Manhattan for two more days after that. January first I found myself sleeping for 12 hours and on the second we began our journey home. We were determined to do something epic and fun for NYE. We didn’t let anything get in our way. The following summer my friend decided to move to Manhattan. He currently lives there to this day and I’ve been to NYC for every NYE since. While the option to fly out there this time is readily available, I would like to stay in Milwaukee this year and bring in the New Year with friends that are already attending “NYE MKE.” Help me make this possible!
june24saj Posted: 12/20/2012 4:10:27 PM
 1   1    

Unfortunately, my best experience on New Year's up until last year was staying up until midnight playing Super Mario Bro's on our new SNES with my big brother when I was 10 years old. After that incredible experience, I never went out for New Year's because I'm a nurse...and nurses work holidays. So, I spend New Year's wiping butts, dressing wounds and suctioning secretions from tracheostomies (sooo fun)! However, somehow last year I was able to finally, FINALLY be off for New Years! ...and I spent it at home wearing mukluks (don't ask), pajamas and raindeer antlers with my best friend who was in town. Ironically, we had a crazy game of Mario Party on the Wii as the clocks struck midnight. My roommates were on their way out for a last minute party at Victor's. But we stayed in and had the greatest night talking and reminiscing and laughing about the weird old men that would be hitting on my roommates that night. Anyway, I just got a new job and will be off for New Year's this year and would so love to experience the night like other people do...in style and with friends. I didn't know I would be off when my friends bought their Art Museum NYE tickets this year, so I may just be sitting at home... again. ;)
Tim118 Posted: 12/20/2012 2:32:13 PM
 2   3    

2 years ago coming back from a snowmobiling trip in Wyoming my friends and I had to stay in a small town in Iowa because the freeway was closed due to a snow storm. We didn't want to spend our night in a crappy motel with other stranded travelers so we asked the front desk for a cab, and the best local bar. This town did not have any taxi's but some kind of ride safe program where you call a number and there are a pool of drivers that pick you up if you are too drunk to drive and pay them whatever you fell is fair. An old lady picked us up at the hotel and dropped us at the bar. It was a pretty uneventful experience at the local dive bar and we called the number again to be picked up around 1am. Two high school age kids picked us up in a giant lifted pickup truck, while talking to them on the way back about how there town sucked, they got a call from another friend who was giving a ride home to a bachlorette party that didn't want to go home. So they took us and the bachlorette party to another house party they knew of and we ended up partying with them till 5am. It was a random group of people who didn't know each other before and we ended up having more fun than we had with our own friends. When we finally got back to the hotel shortly after 5am, our 1 friend who stayed behind already had the rig fired and we pulled out to go home without ever spending the night in the room.
Neveen Posted: 12/20/2012 12:05:02 PM
 25   8    

I moved to Milwaukee 3 years ago for a managers position in the service industry. Going into the job the one thing you have to be okay with is working on Holidays. Last year however, I was promised to be the first manager cut (my shift was supposed to end around 8) considering I worked both Thanksgiving and Christmas. I was extremely excited about being able to finally go out and celebrate with all my friends. I typically had to close every night so going out wasn't always something that easily happened all the time. I had an amazing outfit and a great bottle of champagne waiting for me when I got home to get ready with. Perfect right? Not so perfect - The dinner shift was starting I was making things happen at work so I can get out in time. The night was going smooth with no foreseeable problem in the near future. The GM finally came up to me and said my shift was soon ending. I had the biggest smile on my face. I packed up my stuff to get going the GM came back to me and said before I go I had to take the new dishwasher to the hospital and get him drug tested because they thought he was drunk and on drugs. NOT so perfect. I thought OK, I'll take him and still will have plenty of time to get ready and go out. The uncomfortable car ride to the hospital around 8pm (my closing time) turned into hours of uncomfortableness as we waited to get called in. Clearly the nurse had no idea what plans I had that evening or the dishwasher for that matter. It was a good thing the dishwasher tested positive for drugs and that his alcohol level was what mine should have been at, or I would have left and made the GM come pick him up. My New Years in Milwaukee and I watched the ball drop in the emergency waiting room with an inebriated random employee I barely even knew. That is the history of my New Years. I cannot spend another New Years working, cleaning dishes, or in a hospital. I've loved living in Milwaukee and I want to make this year really count. Please make this New Years special for me. It's my last one in Milwaukee. This is the only venue I want to go to and by the time I found out tickets were already sold out. Please, I don't want to be disappointed again.
Syl Posted: 12/20/2012 3:25:59 AM
 0   0    

My most epic new years eve party was in 2005. I was dating my now husband only for 2 weeks and we went out with his friends to a dance club. We got to the club at 10 pm and I drank too much, too fast. I felt sick and went outside to get fresh air. A Milwaukee police officer got in front of my face and as soon as he asked me if I was ok, I puked. The cop moved out the way just in time but gave my boyfriend a warning to go home before he arrested us. We got in a cab and I kept puking in the cab till we got to my boyfriends house. Where I found out it was only 12:30am. My boyfriend took great care of me all night but was disappointed because we were home so early. I am a lucky girl that the following new years eve my boyfriend proposed but every now and then, he reminds me of our first new years eve together. It would be nice to win these tickets and take him because the last 5 new years eves we have stayed home. This year we have alot to celebrate. But that's another story
Billygoat1315 Posted: 12/19/2012 4:58:42 PM
 0   0    

Ever seen the Hangover? Yea, that's how my most epic New Years went. My roomate and I say that we lost our lives that night. It was a night I wish we both could forget, but neither of us slept before work the next morning and it's difficult trying to forget something when you can't remember it in the first place. We spent a week putting the pieces of our lives back together. I parked my car, leaving all my keys except my car key inside. As it was a very busy night, I should have planned ahead and made note of where I was parking. The night started very fun, but fast spiraled downhill. At one point, I lost my phone and ventured away from my roomate to find it; with no way of contacting her to see where she was. In the meantime, she had her camera thrown from her hands and broken on the dance floor, never to find it again. After we stumbled upon each other, we got kicked out of a bar for someone starting a fight with my friend. I lost my wallet, so I didn't have an ID to get back in after midnight and couldn't buy any drunk food. The whole night is sort of foggy, but this is where I don't really understand what happened. We couldn't find my car, therefore I didn't have keys to my apartment/house. By the time we walked back to my place, I had to build a pile from tables, chairs and boxes in order to break in through my second story window. As it was already 5 or 6am when I got a quick catnap before waking up for work at a polar bear plunge. I had to call my boss for a ride to work, obviously not sober. The next day, I found my car and called a locksmith to break in. Additionally, I lucked out and was messaged on Facebook with the whereabouts of my wallet (found miles away from the potential lost location) and received it with money still in it! So phoneless, cameraless, carless, keyless, walletless and at some point friendless, my NYE turned into a very interesting and un-memorable evening. I'd like to win these tickets so that I can bring my friend to the NYE MKE party and celebrate a better year with my favorite long-term roomie. Maybe in a controlled environment, we will make it a better night :) Thank you!
Lindsey824 Posted: 12/18/2012 7:33:59 PM
 7   1    

I would have to say my most epic New Years Eve would have been 2007...I had just broken up with my boyfriend and was worried my NYE was going to suck...but it ended up being the complete opposite because of my friends that I was with that night! They were bound and determined to make it the most amazing NYE for me and it was! We travelled around this great city we call home, Milwaukee and bar hopped and had an amazing time! I completely forgot about how upset I was and just had the most amazing time with amazing friends!! I feel I deserve the last two tickets to this amazing event because so I can help celebrate the end of 2012 and the beginning of this new year the right way with a very good friend of mine and also all the other amazing people in this city. A resolution of mine for 2013 is to get myself out there and meet all sorts of new people and I feel that getting tickets to an event like this, with so many young and fabulous people of Milwaukee will help me to start this resolution of mine the right way!
denise411 Posted: 12/18/2012 1:13:58 PM
 2   0    

My epic New Years was when I was in my early 20s. My parents planned a family vacation to Jamaica. My siblings and I were so excited yet a part of me felt I would be longing to be with my friends and boyfriend (at the time) to celebrate on New Years eve. The night of the "eve" my family sat at a candle lit seafood dinner on the beach, the sound of the waves blended with the music in the background. I looked across the table at my sister and dad in deep in a conversation and the countdown started. 10, 9, 8 I look to my right and see my brother laughing 7,6,5 we all stood up 4,3,2 at this point we were all jumping with our champagne and shouting and 1. My family started hugging each other and I will never forget the look on my parents faces. My dad had tears in his eyes and my moms were filled with joy. As I glanced around I saw couples embracing and looking into each other's eyes I realized I was with the people I loved. I spent the rest of that night going to reggae bands with my brother. At the end of the night I hugged him and said it was the best new years I ever had and it was. Now almost a decade later I look forward to spending this one with another single girlfriend who has been budgeting in order to celebrate. We do not have dates and may not get a midnight kiss but will look forward to putting on our heels and ringing in the new year with our memory as single girls in the city!
kenyas Posted: 12/18/2012 12:07:58 PM
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A few years ago I went to a party in Chicago, after the party we went to a bar before we were going to go to a bar called Berlin, we took a cab there and once we got to Berlin everyone was going in, I lost my ID so they wouldn't let me in. My freind kathy was too drunk so they wouldn't let her in, we ended up having to take the train back to Kathy's house, on the train we met a bunch of crazy foreigners and other assorted drunks, whom of course we invited back to Kathy's house with us! when we got back to her house we partied at her house with these strangers until 4am, that was one of the best NYE"S ever!
Shamikaj Posted: 12/18/2012 6:35:14 AM
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As I sat and tried to think of an epic NYE story, I found that I don't have one. I've spent all of my adult life, the last 6 years, at home with my family or at work. This year I heard about the NEWaukee NYE event and I was super excited! It would be my first year that I could hang out with my new husband and our friends. So my friend called me and said that all of the VIP tickets were all sold out, but there were general admission tickets remaining. I went to the website, clicked on tickets, and it said pending. I was confused about what was happening only to find that when I refreshed the page, pending meant that someone had beat me to the last tickets by moments. Literally all of my friends got tickets to this event, and at this point we are going to go to dinner with our friends and part ways after. Hopefully you can help us, not only spend our first NYE together as a married couple, but spend it with our friends!
Shamikaj Posted: 12/18/2012 6:35:11 AM
 3   0    

As I sat and tried to think of an epic NYE story, I found that I don't have one. I've spent all of my adult life, the last 6 years, at home with my family or at work. This year I heard about the NEWaukee NYE event and I was super excited! It would be my first year that I could hang out with my new husband and our friends. So my friend called me and said that all of the VIP tickets were all sold out, but there were general admission tickets remaining. I went to the website, clicked on tickets, and it said pending. I was confused about what was happening only to find that when I refreshed the page, pending meant that someone had beat me to the last tickets by moments. Literally all of my friends got tickets to this event, and at this point we are going to go to dinner with our friends and part ways after. Hopefully you can help us, not only spend our first NYE together as a married couple, but spend it with our friends!
HopingThisIsTheYear Posted: 12/17/2012 6:52:53 PM
 1   1    

Sadly, I have no notable NYE stories, but I'm hoping this is the year that changes. I am new to the area, and my friends here were all able to get tickets to this event. Unfortunately, I didn't have the one hundred or so bucks to spare, so I had to decline - leaving me with few options and even fewer friends to execute the limited amount of plans. I would definitely pay it forward if I could spend NYE with my friends and have the chance to experience it Milwaukee-style.
jja19 Posted: 12/17/2012 5:13:51 PM
 0   0    

My most epic New Year's was an epic FAILURE. I am glad that I've grown up (a little), but I flew back to spend NYE in Milwaukee after I transferred to a school in FL. That night, we went to a house party were somebody proceeded to knock loose a gas line in the basement. The party was emptied into the streets until the cops came and forced everyone to leave. We went down the street to a friends house where I got into a drunken fight with my girlfriend. She was slurring and I was crawling. The next day, got up at 1150 to do the 1200 polar plunge. I was throwing up while walking across the beach where I just fell into the water. Got out, went home and puked for the rest of the day. 2 days, 2 awesome events. 1 epic failure.
hms921 Posted: 12/17/2012 4:22:44 PM
 0   0    

My most memorable new years eve was spent with my 96 year old grandma drinking sparkling grape juice and hearing her sing Auld Lang Syne. She told me I should be out getting "gussied up in sequins and feathers" with my friends, but it was one of the most nostalgic and best nights I've ever spent.
amandakbmke Posted: 12/17/2012 4:21:32 PM
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My most epic New Year's Eve was when my California cousins were in town. We went to see the Harlem Globetrotters at the (then) Bradley Center and afterwards made a stop at the Cheesecake Factory for approximately $80.00 worth of cheesecake. It was a NYE to remember and one of my most cherished memories! I get to celebrate this New Year's Eve with my fiance, and these tickets would make it epic!
jessicayme Posted: 12/17/2012 4:10:01 PM
 2   2    

My most epic NYE story, was the Millenium New Year. I went to Maine with some girlfriends and we stayed with another girl who lived on a commune with NO running water. We had to use an outhouse to go to the bathroom. I was wearing jean bib overalls....and it was freezing. On one of my trips the the haus, with my flashlight in tow I unhooked my overalls, sat on my hands (that seat was sure to be freezing) and let it fly.....only the seat wasn't actually up and I peed all over myself. I would really love these tickets to have a really epic with my besties!
jdrury Posted: 12/17/2012 4:03:28 PM
 0   0    

My most epic NYE will be in 2013 if you pick me for these tickets! In all honesty, I spend every NY's at home with my hubby watching old movies and eating pizza rolls. So this sounds like the perfect excuse to do something different :-)
AndrewWiech Posted: 12/17/2012 2:43:35 PM
 0   0    

My most epic New Years was waiting tables in a restaurant till after midnight. Going out would be a welcomed change of pace.
sarahk Posted: 12/17/2012 2:13:40 PM
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My favorite NYE was probably about 10 years back. I went out on Lake Geneva and did the "Who's on 3rd" bar crawl. (one bar closes, the next one opens). Each place did different food/drinks. It was great! I stopped about 8am though!!
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