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Bloody Christmas
Sobelman's beefy Bloody Mary, just in time for the holidays, and a new East Side bar.


Bloody Christmas
So the best thing about a Bloody Mary is the toppings. That’s totally not true, but it’s an excellent segueway into the… Bloody Masterpiece. A creation available at none other than Sobelman’s Pub & Grill (flagship location at 1900 W. St. Paul Ave.). The story of how this grandiose Bloody came about goes like this: Customers commonly ask owner Dave Sobelman to add more toppings to this drink. It recently came to him to add a slider on a skewer. And voila. Word of the Bloody has now spread across the pond to the United Kingdom. Amazingly, the UK-based Daily Mail picked up on this beef-enhanced Bloody. Link here. And it also got some press on this morning's edition (Dec. 12) of "GMA." Price stats on this beauty: $9, beer chaser included.

Humboldt Corridor
In October, bar/restaurant owner Julia LaLoggia put Redroom bar (1875 N. Humboldt Ave.) on the inactive list. More than inactive, really. Permanently closed. But the owners of BelAir Cantina across the street are bringing life back to the space. Co-owner Leslie Montemurro says Fink’s tavern, in the old Redroom, will open in January. She likens the ambiance they're going for to an "up-north rec room bar." The drink menu will include "twists" on classics like the Manhattan and Brandy Old-fashioned. Sidewalk seating expected this summer.

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