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Morning Links for Jan. 21, 2014
New details in a missing persons case and the year of bike sharing.
Happy Tuesday. Please enjoy these newsy bits while you thaw out in your cubicle.
  • Although Kelly Dwyer is still considered an active missing persons case, officials have unsealed search warrants for her boyfriend Kris Zocco's apartment that detail what officers and a cadaver dog searched and found. Kris Zocco is currently free on $250,000 bail. 
  • Bike sharing in Milwaukee will launch this year with 30 stations and more than 250 bicycles.
  • The state of Texas is apparently spending a good chunk of change on charter schools that teach creationism.
  • The governor of New York and the mayor of New York City are both getting serious about expanding pre-kindergarten and after school programs.
  • A Facebook co-founder is betting his money that email, especially work email, will be soon dead.

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