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Veteran Songwriters, Local Hardcore and Indie Rock Royalty
This week brings satisfaction from all ends of the sonic spectrum

Tuesday, Nov. 12: Corb Lund with Whitney Mann at Shank Hall, 8 p.m. ($12)
Corb Lund is the Garth Brooks of Canada. After a solid career in the western Canadian province, the bandleader of the Hurtin’ Albertans saw his longtime relationship come to an end. In Bon Iver fashion, he retired to an actual secluded woodshed and wrote his well-received new album Cabin Fever, a literal and emotional representation of loneliness set to a country backdrop. (1434 N. Farwell Ave., ShankHall.com)

Also: Break Of Day at Bremen Café, 9 p.m. – (901 E. Clarke St., BremenCafe.com)

Wednesday, Nov. 13: David Dondero with Lady Cannon, and Shoot Down The Moon at Cactus Club, 9 p.m.
NPR Music says that Northeast Minnesota-born songsmith David Dondero “should be a name everyone knows by now.” Fortunately for us, he’s not – yet – and Cactus Club attendees can see the gorgeous acoustic stylings of a musician whose songwriting has said (also by NPR) to be on par with living legends like Bob Dylan, Paul McCartney and Tom Waits in a cozy rock club on a Wednesday night. Locals Lady Cannon and Shoot Down The Moon open. (2496 S. Wentworth Ave., CactusClubMilwaukee.com)

Also: China Crisis at Shank Hall, 8 p.m. ($25) – (1434 N. Farwell Ave., ShankHall.com)

And: Evan Christian at Jazz Estate, 10 p.m. – (2423 N. Murray Ave., jazzestate.com)

Thursday, Nov. 14: Jonathan Richman at Shank Hall, 8 p.m. ($15)
You probably best know Jonathan Richman from his musical cameos in Farrelly Brothers classics There’s Something About Mary and (even better, in this writer’s opinion) Kingpin. However, Richman is much more than Ben Stiller’s backing band. He cut his teeth as founding member of 1970s punk rock precursor The Modern Lovers and has managed 25 album between his Lovers work and solo output, including 2010’s O Moon, Queen Of Night On Earth. The baby-faced 62-year-old swings by Shank Hall for a show that’s sure to be a quiet highlight of this autumn’s entertainment. (1434 N. Farwell Ave., ShankHall.com)

Also: Pretty Lights with Blood Diamondz, and Paul Basic at The Rave, 8 p.m. ($32-$42) – (2401 W. Wisconsin Ave., TheRave.com)

And: James Blake with Nosaj Thing at Turner Hall, 7 p.m. ($25) – (1032 N. 4th St., PabstTheater.org)

Friday, Nov. 15: Built To Spill with Slam Dunk, and The Warm Hair at Turner Hall, 7 p.m.
The pride of Boise, Idaho, Built To Spill has been at it for more than 20 years. The band was at its best with fourth full-length, 1999’s Keep It Like A Secret, which had untold impact on contemporary indie rock heavy hitters. But this is no greatest hits show. Built To Spill has been going strong, putting out There Is No Enemy in 2009, and a self-released EP The Electric Anthology Project since. Slam Dunk and The Warm Hair open. (1032 N. 4th St., PabstTheater.org)

Also: Midwest Death Rattle with Jessica Hernandez And The Deltas, and Lauryl Sulfate at Riverwest Public House, 9 p.m. ($5) – (815 E. Locust St., RiverwestPublicHouse.WordPress.com)

And: Heaven On Howitzers with Sleepcomesdown, and Fake Blood Universe at Quarter’s Rock ‘N’ Roll Palace, 9 p.m. (900 E. Center St.)

Saturday, Nov. 16: No Future with Whips, and Worrier at Riverwest Public House, 9 p.m. ($5)
No Future has quite the past. The band has pooled members from noted Milwaukee acts of yore like Decibully, Since By Man, Managra, Red Knife Lottery, Bosio and a touring member of now-defunct Poison The Well to forge the most blistering and satisfying local hardcore output this side of Get Rad. No Future put out its debut record MMXIII earlier this year, but rarely play out in support of it. So don’t miss this. Plus, openers Whips and Worrier are two of Milwaukee’s best rock bands – well worth showing up on time to see. (815 E. Locust St., RiverwestPublicHouse.WordPress.com)

Also: Brian Setzer Orchestra Christmas Rock 10th Anniversary Tour at Potawatomi Bingo Casino’s Northern Lights Theater, 8 p.m. ($65-$85) – (1721 W. Canal St., PaysBig.com)

And: Midnight Reruns (album release) with Direct Hit, and Slow Walker at Cactus Club, 10 p.m. – (2496 S. Wentworth Ave., CactusClubMilwaukee.com)

Sunday, Nov. 17: Terrible Twos with Holy Shit! at Cactus Club, 7:30 p.m.
Holy Shit! is apparently big in Japan, but the 12-year-old band does pretty well in their hometown, too. If you still want more hardcore (in shorter, dingier spurts) after No Future’s show Saturday, come down to Cactus Club and catch the elderstatesmen of local hardcore playing in support of Detroit band Terrible Twos. (2496 S. Wentworth Ave., CactusClubMilwaukee.com) 

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