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Dapper Menswear in Milwaukee
Don Draper would be jealous.

Photo courtesy of Harleys4men.com

There is nothing quite like a well dressed man. Some of my favorites include James Bond (played by Daniel Craig), Robert Downy Jr. as Iron Man, Hugh Jackman and Ryan Gosling. So, how about a toast to them right now, ladies? 

I was curious about the latest styles in menswear, so I stopped in at Harley's, a men's boutique in Shorewood, to swoon over the latest popular items. 

Colored Denim

It started out in women's fashion, but now the guys are hopping on the trend. Men's colored denim is always a bit more muted, and appears in deep gemstone colors like garnet, amber, and sapphire. The fit of the colored denim is leans toward a slim straight leg, rather than baggy or boot cut. Popular men's brands for colored denim are AG Denim, Citizens of Humanity, and DL 1961.

Statement Cuffs and Collars

Photo courtesy of Robert Graham.

Small details such as the cuff's turn over to reveal a bold print, adding intrigue and refinement. The brand Robert Graham is definitely leading the trend. 

                                                           Candy Colored Socks

Photo courtesy of Robert Graham.

It's a sweet surprise when you catch a flash of these bright socks, especially when paired with a dark suit.

What are the buyers at Harley's predicting for the next wave of trends? Explosions of color will appear more frequently in the normally subdued wardrobes of men. Another welcome discovery is that more young men are investing in custom tailored suits - how James Bond! 

Looking for a complete closet makeover? Harley's will send in a specialists to "closet purge" and teach you what to wear (and not to wear!). Too busy? No excuses. They also make office visits.

Please visit http://www.harleys4men.com for directions and more info.

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