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Cut Lines for Nov. 8, 2013
Pumpkin pie perfume, a local denim sale and a discussion of self esteem and weight loss.
It's a mixed bag today, my fashion friends. I hope at least one of these stories resonates, even if it's just about the pie. Let's get to it. 
  • Here's a holiday guide to nail polish, because why not? Many of the shades stay on the warm side of things, with glittery and metallic versions of deep reds and oranges. Would I be disappointed to find Chanel's Accessoire in my stocking? I would not. 
  • This isn't especially fashion-related, but it involves art, Milwaukee and body image, so I say close enough. The Cut picked up the work of Julia Kozerski, a Milwaukee-based photographer who used her cell phone to take pictures of herself during a time of significant weight loss. It's also a study of the popular perception of significant weight loss: it makes everything better. It seems the truth is not as cheery.  
  • Zara's market saturation is the topic of discussion over at BofF. Its investors say it hasn't reached its apex (of course), but are the fashion-buying masses moving beyond that brand of fast fashion? 
  • Mode (9125 W. North Ave., Wauwatosa) is having a denim sale that lasts through Sunday, with prices starting at $59.99.
  • Pumpkin pie-scented perfume is here, and is probably only for unabashed pumpkin pie-lovers who don't mind smelling like a Yankee candle. 

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