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Morning Links for Jan. 16, 2014
We'll take controversial schoolmasters and coaches for $500,000, Alex.

Where are fleeing schoolmasters, several construction workers and teenage-baseball-player-suing chiropractors gathering today? Right here in the Morning Links.


  • Apparently, they’re not just down there for winter break. The couple who ran an inner-city Milwaukee school that abruptly closed - after it received more than $2 million in taxpayer money - now lives in a gated community in Florida. The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel has the full story.
  • This is one way to get out of class. A gas leak forced the evacuation of Marquette’s Johnston Hall for a couple hours Wednesday after construction crews hit a line at a neighboring site. The Marquette Tribune has more.
  • Speaking of construction, expect some in the future at Milwaukee’s City Hall. Apparently, it may need $15 million worth of work to help stop it from… sinking. The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel has more.
  • Speaking of more construction, yes, the Milwaukee skyline looks a little different these days. Probably because of that mammoth crane that’s arrived to help demolish one of Northwestern Mutual’s Downtown buildings. WUWM has more on the process.
  • And finally, the lesson today, young baseball players, is this: Don’t throw your batting helmet. Because it just might hit your coach, and he just might sue you. For half a million dollars. That’s what’s happening out in California, where a chiropractor turned volunteer coach was accidentally hit with the tossed helmet during a winning-run celebration. No, he’s not still the 14-year-old’s coach. Yes, you can watch the KCRA TV reporter, wearing a dress shirt and slacks, re-enact the game-winning run.

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