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The Dry Shampoo Trials
The Fashionista tests the latest in dry shampoo.

Until recently there weren't a lot of dry shampoos to choose from, and quite honestly, no one really used them. Over the past few years, that has changed and now hair companies left and right are coming out with the must-have dry shampoo. Not sure which one to get? I tried a handful of the big players, and here are my favorite picks.

Redken Powder Refresh, $18 

At around $18 a bottle, the aerosol dry shampoo puts life back in to limp locks. It preformed pretty well, making my hair feel a lot less oily, and added a little volume. It went on almost invisible, which my dark-haired co-workers especially loved. The only thing I didn't like was its metallic odor. But because of this dry shampoo, I got about a half day more out of my normal style. I give it a C. 

4. Bumble and bumble Prét a Powder, $26 

This little 2.5 -z bottle at $26 a pop made my hair feel the cleanest of all the dry shampoos I tried out. I was able to get a lot more volume and it also smelled powdery fresh. The downside? You have to shake or "puff" the product in to your hair, resulting in uneven coverage. Also, the powder isn't translucent enough, and you would definitely see a film on dark hair. It extended my style another day. My rating? B-.

3. Oscar Blandi Pronto Invisible Dry Shampoo, $25 

This is one of the original "good" dry shampoos. It's been around for years and has won countless beauty awards. But make sure to get the Invisible Dry Shampoo, especially if you have darker hair. The regular Oscar Blandi dry shampoo will leave a white residue unless you're blonde/gray. It's an aerosol with a lemon verbena scent, which is nice if you aren't digging the fruity and floral perfumes of most shampoos. All told, I was pleased with everything, but not wowed. I felt like I could extend my hairstyle an extra three quarters of a day without feeling like I needed to use the dry shampoo again. I achieved medium volume and it was great to spray the shampoo in before back-combing/teasing. The grade: B+.

2. Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray, $39 

The scent of this dry shampoo can best be described as a "well-dressed French man". It also added more texture than the other products I tried, and led to a ton of volume. I got an extra three-quarters-of-a-day of my style, and the packaging was gorgeous. It's definitely a luxury product at a luxury price, and that is the only reason it's #2 on my list. Rating: A.

1. Amika Perk Up Dry Shampoo, $21 

This is my absolute favorite dry shampoo, with the extra day it extended my style, the yummy vanilla and berry scent, and its reasonable price point. The aerosol sprays on clear, and gave me great volume. In fact, my hair felt clean. (Disclosure: I do work with this company, but this is not why I picked it as my favorite, it actually stood up to the test.) GradeA+

Have you tried any dry shampoos you love? Let us know what you think by commenting below.

Main image via Shutterstock. 

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