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First Gay Senator?
Al Franken, LGBT camp make a final push for Tammy Baldwin.
Madison Democrat Tammy Baldwin has enjoyed the backing of LGBT activists and funders since launching her U.S. Senate race for Wisconsin -- she would be the first openly gay senator in history -- but the topic of her sexual orientation has rarely come up on the campaign trail, concludes a story in The Guardian.

During a brief stop at a small campaign office in a working-class area of Milwaukee on Sunday, Baldwin was thronged by volunteers from the Victory Fund, which works to get LGBT candidates to elected office.

They had traveled from as far as Florida, New York and California to volunteer for her campaign. Outside groups poured money into the race, allowing Baldwin to pulverise Thompson's record. Al Franken, the comedian and Senator, went canvassing door-to-door.

In a poll released by the Marquette University Law School at the end of October, Baldwin led Republican opponent Tommy Thompson 47-43 among likely voters. A Nov. 1 poll by the right-skewing Rasmussen Reports had Thompson up 48-47, and Nov. 3 results from the Democratically-aligned Public Policy Polling firm showed Baldwin winning 51-48.

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