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Morning Links for Nov. 5, 2013
Imagine the worst possible scenario involving a spider and a banana.
It wouldn't be a Tuesday without a mixed bag of news to digest. Read on!
  • Aaron Rodgers left last night's Packers game early with a shoulder injury. Packers staff wouldn't release any details about a diagnosis. 
  • TIME Magazine says Gov. Walker is leading the pack in terms of Republican governors searching for "creative ways to benefit from the Affordable Care Act while [maintaining]...opposition to the law." 
  • Yesterday the federal trial about our state's voter ID laws kicked off
  • Last night about a thousand New Jersey mall-goers huddled in the Garden State Plaza in Paramus, New Jersey, while police searched for a suspected shooter. Reports of a shooter walking toward the mall and firing shots into the air sparked the search, but the 20-year-old shooter was later found dead by self-inflicted gunshot wounds. No other injuries were sustained. 
  • Spoiler alert: This might ruin bananas for you. A British woman bought a bunch of bananas from her local Sainsbury's, only to find the bananas were bursting with deadly venomous spiders.  

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