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Morning Links for Jan. 14, 2014
Cell phone tracking, child support payments and a seven day work week.
Today's menagerie of hot and tasty links will have you doubting the intentions of everyone from Joel Kleefisch to Mother Nature. So a very happy Tuesday indeed.
  • Sometimes, when news like this happens, we must step back from our desks and ponder, is this real life? Unfortunately, the answer is almost always yes. Such is the case of "millionaire business owner" Michael Eisenga and Republican Rep. Joel Kleefisch, a savvy duo who introduced a bill to the Assembly that would lower child support payments - something intended to help Eisenga lower his own child support payments for his three children.
  • Mother Nature is a prickly beast and she'll be demonstrating that by whipping us out of our mild-weather stupor. Starting at 9 a.m., a winter weather advisory will be issue for Milwaukee County and you can expect two to five inches of snow.
  • Rest easy because Silicon Valley tech companies are no longer the only ones tracking your cell phone data.

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