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Morning Links for Jan. 13, 2014
Football rivalries, delayed pipelines and a seven day work week.
Welcome back. To celebrate the start of another fantastic winter week, we have curated some top-notch links.

  • The Super Bowl will be a battle between a veteran white quarterback and a young African American quarterback. And that’s regardless of who wins next week. It will be Peyton Manning’s Broncos or Tom Brady’s Patriots against Colin Kaepernick’s 49ers or Russell Wilson’s Seahawks. Two great rivalries will decide the Super Bowl teams.
  • A pipeline from Muskego to Jones Island in the Milwaukee harbor is finally up and running – just 10 months late. The pipeline pumps landfill gas to the sewage treatment plant and is designed to save money.
  • A male correctional officer has been charged with having sex with a female inmate, and officials are asking special prosecutors to charge him with rape and attempting to cover it up.
  • A bill to make the workweek seven days is circulating among Wisconsin legislators. Cue fights between Republicans, Democrats and unions. 
  • You might be sick of the snow, but fat bike enthusiasts are turning into recreation. A new snow trail opened in Wausau and will used next weekend for the first snow bike race included in the Badger State Games.

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