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Say Cheese!
Photo Booths Give Guests Chance to Let Loose
Weddings are definitely a time to let loose and celebrate. Normally as the night progresses, the heels come off, the ties are loosened and the groom’s crazy uncle is leading a conga line past the coffee station. If this sounds like your family, perhaps you want to direct that conga line straight into a wedding night photo booth! Photo booths at weddings began to take off a couple years back, and the Milwaukee market is still going strong with different types of booths and different types of booth options constantly being added to the market to keep the idea fresh and fun.

I recently had the opportunity to meet with Brian and Jenny Edwards, operators of Wisconsin Photo Booth here in Milwaukee. This fun loving couple never dreamed of becoming business partners when they married a year and a half ago but now Saturday night date nights consist of helping guests strike a pose at other people’s weddings and events – and they couldn't be happier about this. Their business venture began a year ago when a friend of theirs who owns booths in Chicago and Indiana asked Brian and Jenny to help him with an event in Milwaukee.

“Our first event was great! It was fun watching people enjoy themselves in the booth – laughing, acting goofy and just having fun!” says Jenny. After participating in that event, they asked their friend how they could get involved here in Milwaukee. Their first photo booth was constructed out of everyday construction supplies and so in no time at all they were up and running.

As Jenny describes, having a photo booth at any event allows couples to see their event from the eyes of their guests. Wisconsin Photo Booth also offers straightforward pricing and they are always willing to customize their props and photo strips to each event. Along with the traditional photo strips, you can even have albums or DVDs made of all your guests photos.

As a planner, one thing I tend to recommend to guests who are having a photo booth is that while silly props are fun, it works best to incorporate these into the booth later in the evening. Starting out the evening with just the photo booth and no props lets older adults, such as maybe grandparents, feel welcome to step in and take more reserved photos. Then, later in the evening when you bring out all of your silly props, you’ll draw in the younger crowd and might even get couples who took photos earlier in the evening (sans pink cowboy hat) to step back inside for a second round of shots. It allows for more variety and most of the time more photos!

To learn more about Wisconsin Photo Booth Company, check out their website or give Brian and Jenny a call at 414-454-9688. 

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