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Spectacle Sound
Of Montreal at Turner Hall Ballroom on Dec. 8

Photo by Patrick Heagney

Speechless. That’s how you leave an Of Montreal show. From psychedelic lights to costume changes and odd on-stage “actors,” the concerts have taken on a life of their own. Kevin Barnes, the force behind the Georgia-
based indie outfit, approaches each album as a transformation, experimenting with new personas, genres or pits of unresolved feelings. Each jaunt on the road tends to bend that direction as well, typically turning into an all-out spectacle. Most recently promoting 2012’s Paralytic Stalks, however, Barnes was uncharacteristically mellow. But October’s Daughter of Cloud, a compilation of 17 tracks – 10 unreleased, seven rare – should inject a dose of good ol’ Of Montreal theatrics. We hope. Mellow Barnes is no fun at all.

→ Of Montreal (Dec. 8). Turner Hall Ballroom. 1040 N. Fourth St., 414-286-3663, turnerhall.org.

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