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Factory Facelift
Stone Creek Coffee's new factory celebrates its grand opening on Dec. 1.

Renovation work is finally complete and the time has come for another factory to open its doors in Downtown Milwaukee. Well fear not, environment lovers, for this is not the smoke billowing, stink spreading, ice cap melting factory you’re imagining.

The steam will rise, but from a hot cup of coffee. The air might smell a little different, but it will smell of fresh baked treats. And the ice caps? As long as you don’t hike up to the Arctic and pour your coffee on them, they’ll probably be OK too.

 Stone Creek Coffee is unveiling its Downtown Factory’s new café and bakery all day on Dec. 1 with free coffee, baking and tours of the renovated space.

One of the biggest new changes to the Milwaukee company’s ninth location is the addition of a 1,500-square-foot kitchen, where they will supply a new line of from-scratch foods for their eight other cafés. The Factory will also serve as the company’s roasting hub and house space for classes, events, coffee tastings and tours of the 124-year-old building.

All of Stone Creek’s other locations will soon be getting facelifts too. The company is spending $1.3 million to improve all of their cafés, the politics of which were featured in-depth in our September cover story, Coffee Wars.

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