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Only one of these 15 Brits can find Wisconsin on a map
An exercise in cartography.
We’ve been rather amused with this viral Buzzfeed post, for which Brits were asked to label blank maps of the United States. Out of the 15 amateur cartographers, only three actually labeled something as Wisconsin and only one was correct. But we’ll give points to those two Brits who labeled Minnesota and North Dakota as Wisco, because they at least knew the word, right? 

On maps where the state isn’t simply left blank (eight), here’s what our fine state was labeled as instead:

1. Ohio

2. Michigan

3. Idaho

4. Wyoming

5. “Mostly Woodland”


We can't vouch for the accuracy of the rest of the map, but this guy found Wisconsin.

But before you laugh, check out what happened when Americans tried to label a map of Europe. 




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POSTED 1/12/2015