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Morning Links for Nov. 26, 2013
The Bucks hit rock bottom, Kohl's owes some money, and a new library.
The news is a mixed bag today.
  • The Bucks might have hit rock bottom as their losing streak extended to nine games after a loss to the Pistons last night.
  • Kohl’s announced it will not build a new headquarters in Menomonee Falls last week, but has not announced whether or not it will return $2 million given to the company from the village as part of an agreement to build the new headquarters. The agreement stipulated the village give a total of $12 million to Kohl’s and spend $13 million more on public improvements near the proposed headquarters.
  • Urban Milwaukee has a photo gallery of the new East Side library going up. The new structure will mix a library and apartment units into a true mixed-used development.
  • An investigative report reveals some details about Newtown shoot Adam Lanza, but does not reveal a motive for last year’s massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary.

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