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Art to Wear
A collaboration between the Milwaukee Art Museum, Reginald Baylor Studio and Plaid Tuba brings Baylor's art to life.

Square basketball necklace from Reginald Baylor's On Duty, Not Driving (2010) on display at the
Milwaukee Art Museum.

Normally, if you walked into an art studio, handed your toddler a crayon, and let him go to town on the work of a well-known artist, it wouldn’t go over very well.

However, through a new venture with the Milwaukee Art Museum, Reginald Baylor Studio and Plaid Tuba, you and your kids have the chance to not only look at, but interact with great art through a coloring book. The exclusive limited edition book features drawings from the Milwaukee native and is advertised for all ages so you can try your own hand at staying in the many, many lines.

The coloring book is part of a limited edition collection that also includes T-shirts and jewelry with designs by Baylor, just in time for the holidays. Everything can be purchased either online or at the MAM store.

For a little more information on the artist, read our profile on him from our November 2012 issue.

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