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The Ombre Lip
How to perfect the look using makeup you already have.

Red holiday lips are popping this season, but what if you want to stand out a little from the crowd? Try the ombré lip. Not only is it a pretty statement, but it also trains you how to make your lips look fuller (I'll get in to that later).

Makeup artist Michael Weiss at Lash Boutique taught me how to use makeup in untraditional ways, so with that in mind... you likely already have everything you need to make the ombre lip work. First off, the supplies:

1. Red lip pencil

2. Red lipstick (A matte version, if possible, shiny 'sticks are too goopy for this.)

3. Concealer

4. Brown eye pencil

Step 1. Line your lips with your red lip pencil, and then color the entire lip with the pencil, too. This step makes the color last longer.

Step 2. Apply red lipstick. 

Step 3. Dab the center of your lips (both top and bottom) with your concealer and blend toward the outer corners of your mouth, keeping the majority of the concealer in the center of your lips. It should gradually fade from light in the center to dark in the corners.


Step 4. Lightly line the outer corners of your lips with the brown eye pencil, going about a third of the way toward the center of your lip on each side. Lightly fill in the corners of your lips with light brush strokes, blending as much as possible.


If you're not feeling the ombré lip idea, but would love to know a trick to make your lips look fuller, follow the same steps above. Just be very light handed with the concealer and brown pencil in the corner. I did that in the photo below.

This trick makes your lips look plumper because of the placement of the light and dark color. (Light colors make objects appear closer, and dark appears farther away.) 

Makeup I used: Mac Lip Pencil in Orange Red Lasting Sensations, Mac Matte Lipstick in So Chaud, Mac Studio Finish concealer, Georgio Armani brown eyeliner.

Homepage image via Shutterstock.

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