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Morning Links for Nov. 21, 2013
Evil twins, refrigerator boats, and 16 Disney princesses ranked by intelligence.

As usual, we assemble a list of stories that must reach your consciousness. Now.

  • Let’s see if we’ve got this straight. An airplane flying from New York to Wichita, Kansas, misses its target and “accidently” lands at Jabara airport nearby. Strange, but true.


  • Man, I’m loving Buzzfeed today. Perhaps you think that all Disney princesses were created equal. Not so. The sweet 16 ladies of Disney are ranked here by their level of intelligence. That’s everybody from Mulan to Ariel.  


  • In more mind-boggling news, a Colorado soldier accused of sex crimes against girls says his “evil twin” brother is responsible for these acts. No, this is not a storyline from “Days of Our Lives.”


  • Many houses and boats were lost in Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines. But inventive fishermen are back on the water in boats they’ve made out of refrigerators.


  • Love prevails. Warming even the coldest hearts is this story out of Canada. A couple, who had their first kiss when they were each 8 years old, has finally tied the knot. At the ripe old age of 83.


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