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You Should Know St. Paul and the Broken Bones
The next big thing comes to Club Garibaldi.

You Should Know St. Paul and the Broken Bones


Milwaukee has always been a great destination for out-of-town bands. We have an ever-growing number of venues willing to take a flyer on bands from all over the country and the world, offering Milwaukeeans the unique opportunity to check out some truly amazing bands we might not otherwise get to see. In this installment, we take a look at Birmingham, Alabama soul-slingers St. Paul and the Broken Bones.


Check Them Out

Headlining a show Thursday, Nov. 21 at Club Garibaldi with Herman Astro. The show begins at 9 p.m. and costs $12 at the door ($10 advance).

What’s The Big Deal?

Close to the cloth, Paul Janeway abandoned his hopes of priesthood in favor of fronting a band. St. Paul was born. After tremendously positive early reception after a solid EP, all the Saints’ men took to the studio to record with Ben Tanner, keyboard player of Alabama Shakes, to tape, in just three takes. The burgeoning act hearkens to the Shakes’ musicianship with a prolific vocal lift. Paste named the band among its “2013 Best Of What’s Next” listing.

How’s The Latest Album?
Well, the band’s year-old
introductory EP Greetings From St. Paul and the Broke Bones is a soulful hello that rightfully hinges on the cataclysmic vocal chops of St. Paul centerpiece Paul Janeway. The four-song effort is plenty good, but the band’s forthcoming debut full-length Half The City (out February 18, 2014) sees Janeway and his cohorts at full-tilt, with misplaced ‘50s B-sides that are sure to be unsung ‘14s favorites. Title track “Half The City” and “Hold On”-type sequel, “I’m Torn Up” showcase the immensity of Janeway’s vocal chops pared with classic yesteryear instrumentation and Janeway’s voice isn’t exactly buried, resulting in some of the best songs you think you must’ve heard before but haven’t.

What People Are Saying


"Janeway explored his voice growing up singing in the church. And God has been good to Janeway, who has as much reach with his vocals that you can imagine, capable of bringing any sinnerman to his knees. But this isn’t gospel. This is rip your heart out and dance a jig on it kind of soul music that you just don’t hear anymore. The genre, with the rare exception of artists like Charles Bradley, Michael Kiwanuka, Aloe Blacc, or Alabama Shakes, just isn’t what it used to be. St. Paul and The Broken Bones take you back to when soul was cool, like Otis Redding and James Brown cool.  And if James Brown was the Godfather of soul, Janeway could quite possibly become the Godson.”

— Josh Matthews of MotherPlugMusic.com


“Although Janeway clearly garners the most attention, dressed as a modern-day dandy and wailing hot soul, the instrumentalists are true masters of their craft. Guitarist Browan Lollar, bassist Jesse Phillips and drummer Andrew Lee are former members of popular local bands, while the horn section is classically trained. This level of talent gives them plenty of room to play around, and it’s obvious they’re all constantly putting on their best show to date.”

   Erin McFarland, Paste



“Broken Bones and Pocket Change”




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