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Morning Links for Nov 20, 2013
What do Frank Kaminsky and David Blaine have in common?

No, magician David Blaine didn't make more taxis appear on Milwaukee's streets or Badgers hoopster Frank Kaminsky's shots go in. But both he and they made it to our morning links.

  • Add another chapter to the gospel of Walker's Point as Milwaukee's hot neighborhood. An Associated Press food and travel piece is garnering national attention for such Walker's Point mainstays as La Merenda, Atomic Chocolate Co. and Great Lakes Distillery, among others. Perhaps it's another step to alleviating the neighborhood's "dimly lit streets and empty buildings."
  • Speaking of food, perhaps you've heard of Thanksgiving and partaken of its bounty? But the Milwaukee Neighborhood News Service has a look at some newly arrived Americans who hadn't. Check out the story of how international refugees in Milwaukee are being introduced to the holiday.
  • Theoretically, it should be easier to catch taxicab in Milwaukee soon. The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reports how the Common Council approved a measure to add 100 new taxi permits over the next year. Detractors say the extra cabs will have a negative effect on existing drivers, because there isn't enough cab business to support them now.
  • For the casual sports fan who is only impressed when records are set, well, here's your chance to be impressed. The WisconsinBadgers have been playing men's basketball since 1898, but nobody had done what Frank Kaminsky did Tuesday. The junior center set a single-game scoring record with 43 points in Wisconsin's 103-85 win over North Dakota. His per-game average before the outburst, according to the Wisconsin State Journal, was 8.7 points.
  • And finally, new-guard magician David Blaine got Entertainment Weekly and much of the Internet buzzing with his ABC TV special last night, largely because he stuck sharp metal sticks through his bodies while celebrities watched and squirmed. (Warning - you may squrim, too, if you watch this linked video and see some of the accompanying language.) We are sorry to report, however, that none of Blaine's tricks involved using those sticks to fix Aaron Rodgers' collarbone.

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