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Blended Beer is Here
Four brothers are launching a blended beer line this week.


Just when you think Milwaukee has covered all its bases in terms of beer, brewing and bars, four brothers join forces to create 4 Brothers Blended Beer Company. It’s the first operation to focus exclusively on brewing blended beers that combine two or more styles to create original and balanced flavors, and a more drinkable craft product.

I stopped by the launch party at the new banquet venue Rail Hall in Walker’s Point last weekend to learn about the operation and of course, taste these novel creations. Admittedly, I was a bit worried, the idea of mixing brews didn’t seem palatable, but my taste buds proved me wrong.

Each of the Gohsman brothers brings unique experience to the business. Robin, the eldest and CEO/President, began as a server and worked his way through college in the Milwaukee bar scene. Tommy has also been in the restaurant/bar industry for his entire professional career. Blend Master Jimmy, “the prodigal son,” has been home brewing since he was in college and Andy, VP of sales and marketing, became a student of Colorado’s Craft Beer Industry while studying at the University of Colorado.

“We took different paths, but we all ended up in the same place,” Robin said. “This company was born out of our shared passion for brewing, and we’ve found a way to create harmony by embracing our differences. We’re confident beer drinkers will agree."

The idea came from a collective decision – after a lot of family get-togethers – to offer unique flavor profiles that balance each other by blending during the brewing process. “It’s a different idea and it takes some explaining, so we are hoping it catches on,” said Robin. “The reception so far has been amazing. As long as we can get them to sample it, they really appreciate it.”

The four distinct brews available for sampling at the launch were:

  • Sibling Rivalry – A blend of blonde, brown and red ales that produces sweet and nutty notes.
  • Relative Madness – Chocolate notes of a porter mix with the crisp flavors of a blonde ale.
  • Prodigal Son – There are hoppy and citrus flavors of this IPA and cream ale blend.
  • Whipper Snapper – An American-style wheat, helles, and amber blend.

Like picking a favorite son, it’s hard to pick a favorite blend. The Relative Madness would be my brew of choice for the impending cold winter nights, but once summer rolls around, the Whipper Snapper will be my first pick.

The brothers starting brewing about 16 months ago and after three or four test batches, they perfected the recipes. Sand Creek in Black River Falls is now brewing their recipes to help them work on the scale that they want, but the brothers are focused on self distribution, doing a lot of leg work to get the product out over the next few months. “Building positive relationships off the bat is a key value for us being a family owned business,” Jimmy said.

Find 4 Brothers blends at Sentry in Delafield, Ray’s Liquor and Discount Liquor. They will be hitting the Milwaukee market this week.

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