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Musical Offerings
Despite the Thanksgiving holiday, Milwaukee has plenty of live music to offer.

Our show of the week: Titus Andronicus

Tuesday, Nov. 20: Math The Band with Between Brains, Buster Douglas and Awkward Terrible at Quarter’s, 9 p.m.
Math can be pretty fun when it’s quirky, caffeinated electro-pop instead of the only thing standing between you and grad school. The Providence duo Math The Band is blipping, blooping proof of the former. Think Matt & Kim if they used Gameboys and never got involved with “The Honda Civic Tour.” Between Brains, Buster Douglas and Awkward Terrible will also play. (900 E. Center St.)

Also: Ike Reilly Assassination at Shank Hall, 8 p.m. (1434 N. Farwell Ave., ShankHall.com)

Wednesday, Nov. 21: French Horn Rebellion with Kane Place Record Club and Awkward Terrible at Mad Planet, 9 p.m.
Milwaukee ex-pats French Horn Rebellion will have a holiday homecoming Wednesday night when they bring their electronic, conspicuously French-hornless grooves to Mad Planet. With Kane Place Record Club and Awkward Terrible (playing their second show in as many nights) in the mix, things are going to get danceable – a great opportunity to lose some excess stuffing before the big Turkey Day binge. (533 E. Center St, Mad-Planet.net)

Also: GWAR with Devil Driver, Cancer Bats and Legacy of Disorder at The Rave, 7 p.m. (2401 W. Wisconsin Ave., TheRave.com)

Friday Nov. 23: Titus Andronicus with Ceremony and Jaill at Turner Hall Ballroom, 7 p.m.
The New Jersey punk rock dons of Titus Andronicus barrel into town on the heels of new album Local Business – the strictly punk rock follow-up to 2010’s labyrinthine Civil War-themed opus The Monitor. Titus is famous for its live shows, and for good reason – lead singer Patrick Stickles plays with a tortured, white-knuckle intensity, and the songs themselves are perfect for torrential sing-alongs and broiling mosh pits. The deal gets sweeter: local garage-poppers Jaill will open, playing their first local show since June. (1032 N. 4th St., PabstTheater.org)

Also: Drugs Dragons with Aluminum Knot Eye and Burning Sons at Frank’s Power Plant, 10 p.m. (2800 S. Kinnickinnic Ave., FranksPowerPlant.Angelfire.com)

Saturday, Nov. 24: Low with Vic & Gab at Turner Hall Ballroom, 7 p.m.
Low is slow, quiet, and minimal, has been for 20 years, and shows no sign of stopping. This would only be a bad thing if their unflinching devotion to a “style” began to bore people, but quite the opposite has taken place. In 2007 Low leapt from mid-level indie label Kranky to titan Sub Pop, which released the band’s most recent album, C’mon, in 2011. Local sibling duo Vic & Gab will open with a stripped-down acoustic set. (1032 N. 4th St., PabstTheater.org)

Also: The Cure Vs. The Smiths Dance Party at Mad Planet, 9 p.m. (533 E. Center St, Mad-Planet.net)

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