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Morning Links for Nov. 18, 2013
Brett Favre, tornadoes and more in the race for governor
The weather has passed, so now you can relax and enjoy some links.

  • Every since the St. Louis Rams talked about maybe bringing Brett Favre back to football after their quarterback went down, the former Packers demigod has been in the news. Most recently, Yahoo reported that Favre would not let his hypothetical son play football.
  • The UW system’s much-anticipated flexible degree program opens today. The program will allow adults to obtain degrees at their own pace.
  • China released a massive plan for the county’s future with an eye on 2020 and beyond. Among other things, the plan recommends scaling back the one-child rule.
  • Wisconsin missed most of the really bad weather yesterday, but storms across the Midwest killed six people and devastated many towns, mostly in Illinois.
  • Mary Burke and Scott Walker might have company. Kathleen Vinehout says she’s getting closer and closer to entering the 2014 race.

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