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Local Linens for Every Event
Specialty Linens Bring Life to Any Event

Nothing makes a reception venue really come alive than surprising guests with a splash of color. Even if your budget is on the smaller side, adding a few specialty linens will add an extra pop to your room and draw out the personalized touches that make your wedding unique.

As with many people in the wedding industry, Aixa Stelter dreamed of one day working with couples to plan their weddings. She began her career by working in event planning and eventually came across an opportunity to own a company of her own. She jumped at the chance and started AMS Linens, LLC here in Milwaukee. “I realized a couple of years ago that there are not many local, specialty linen vendors,” Aixa stated when I sat down with her last month. AMS Linens was therefore created with the hope that more and more couples would look to support local companies for all areas of their wedding, including their linen needs.

AMS offers a wide variety of products including chair covers, sashes, overlays, tablecloths, napkins, runners and even chair pads. You can view some of the many colors and styles offered on the AMS website but when looking at linen colors, it’s best to see actual sample and swatches. When you first meet with Aixa, she will be sure to bring her large linen sample book for you to see and feel exactly how many types and styles are offered by AMS.

After seeing just how many types of linen are available through AMS, you will be amazed to learn that the company is currently based out of Aixa’s home! Even with two children at home, she takes the time to clean, iron, and store all of the linens herself which I found to be absolutely amazing. Also, because Aixa takes the time to personally clean and prepare all of the linens herself, you can be assured that the linens you receive for your reception space will be set to perfection. These are just the types of personal touches that only local companies can offer.

AMS Linens’ mission statement is “to become the premier provider of décor linen to the special events industry through the depth and diversity of a quality product, and dedication to customer service.” After meeting Aixa and hearing first hand her ambitious ideas and dedication to design I wish her all the best. If you are looking for a local linen alternative for your wedding or special event, contact Aixa at 414-234-7322. 

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