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Let’s See Some Credentials
Man poses as Journal Sentinel reporter and photographer to lure girls.

Not to be confused with Clark Kent, Superman’s reporter alter ego, a man calling himself Mike Clark has been calling Milwaukee-area high school girls, telling them he works for the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, and trying to arrange interviews and photo shoots.

The impostor seems to target female athletes who have already appeared in newspapers, and he requests that they meet off campus. Authorities in the metro area and Dane County have received reports of the fake photojournalist, and Cedarburg and Verona are among the high schools to have students targeted. So far, the reports are only about suspicious phone calls, which may include unusual questions, such as asking how tall the athletes are.

Police say they believe they may know who the man is but have not yet tracked him down. The Journal Sentinel has been proactive in its response. Its sports department has alerted athletic directors at local high schools and issued reminders that, per paper policy, the paper doesn’t initiate contact with high school students but arranges interviews through their coaches. 

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