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Cut Lines for Nov. 15, 2013
A Milwaukee fashion show, revolutionary shoes and Olivia Pope.
Your weekly dose of local and national fashion news, through the Milwaukee Magazine lens.

  • Tomorrow at 7 p.m., Marquette University's Bayanihan Student Organization will host its 7th annual fashion show in the Alumni Memorial Union Ballroom. The show will feature six MU student groups as well as local boutiques, including Lizzibeth, Retique, Third Coast Style, Uh-Loor Boutique, Frieschsky's Formal Wear and Francesca's. Tickets are $12 at the door.
  • There are now heels made with interchangeable heel heights (!). We're evolving, people. 
  • Olivia Pope, the lead character on ABC's Scandal, has one of the most enviable wardrobes in television. The show's costume designer spilled some of the secrets to dressing her stylish political strategist, and they're worth reading for those with costume design aspirations.
  • Last month, a Toronto Star reporter went undercover in a Bangladeshi factory, where she met Meem, her 9-year-old boss. It's a close-up look at the conditions in garment factories similiar to Rana Plaza, which collapsed earlier this year and killed more than 1,100 of the workers inside.
  • The Times spends a night in the life of Glamour editor Cindi Leive...on the eve of the magazine's Women of the Year awards. It's a picture of somewhat-grounded fabulousness.

Did I miss anything? Got a tip? Shoot me an email at claire.hanan@milwaukeemag.com or tweet @cchanan. Have a great weekend!

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