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Morning Links for Nov. 14, 2013
Shirley Abrahamson, unwanted organs and the return of Andy Kaufman?

Some links you may have overlooked but are still worth clicking.

  • The state Legislature is gearing up for a long day. One of the bills on the docket would allow the justice of the Wisconsin Supreme Court to elect the chief justice. Currently, the position goes to the longest-serving member of the court. A change would likely mean a demotion of chief justice Shirley Abrahamson at the hands of the court's conservative majority. WisPolitics reports.
  • Also under consideration is a bill that would remove 17-year-old criminal offenders from the adult system. They've been tried as grown-ups since 1996, according to coverage in the Post Crescent.
  • Should a man who killed a three-year-old girl be allowed to donate his organs? Experts in Ohio will have to decide, according to The Columbus Dispatch.
  • How very nice. The Washington Post has for years run a series on "Urban Natural History." Here you can learn more about the "bedroom bat" and the "clothes moth" (not to be confused with clothes pins).
  • Have we truly seen the end of Andy Kaufman? His daughter claims he faked his death. See The Telegraph.

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