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Cease and Desist
Nine Wisconsin legislators back bill to arrest federal officials who implement Obamacare.

Give me liberty or give me death. Just don’t give me Obamacare.

That’s the message being sent by nine Republican lawmakers who are backing a bill to arrest any federal official who attempts to put the healthcare law into action. As part of the Campaign for Liberty, the group disagrees with the U.S. Supreme Court’s ruling that Obamacare is constitutional, and is wielding the conservative notion of nullification as its anti-Obamacare battle ax. Nullification argues that states can ignore federal laws under the 10th Amendment.

The group is likely on the radar of Gov. Scott Walker, who must decide by Friday whether Wisconsin will create a healthcare exchange or leave that task to President Obama’s administration.

Eight of the nine Wisconsin legislators have other messages, too. Don’t give us an overzealous pat-down at airport security or we’ll slap a sexual assault suit on you.  Oh, and let us carry guns without permits and drink unpasteurized milk. All nine agree on that. 

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Jay_Warner Posted: 11/19/2012 6:13:56 PM
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1) I disagree with the 9 legislators on ObamaCare - It will ensure that almost all of us are reasonably healthy & free from communicable diseases. It will free 'small' and larger business from the burden of providing health care, putting them on the same level playing field as Japanese companies. 2) As for the other issues, let them present & argue them in public, where both sides can hold everyone accountable for the accuracy of the claims. Can Wisconsin withstand a 'contaminated' raw milk scare? Maybe. Can we withstand everyone packing heat, concealed or open? Are we ready to suffer this social change? Let's have some public discussion on it. Maybe not.
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