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Road War
Fitzgerald comes out against gas tax increase.
Incoming Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald (R-Juneau) says "any attempts to reinstate indexing the gas tax will be a non-starter with his caucus," according to an interview with WisPolitics.

Gov. Walker is rumored to be considering an increase in the state gas tax as part of a infrastructure plan he'll announce soon. The gas tax, previously indexed to the rate of inflation, was frozen by lawmakers in 2006 at 32.9 cents a gallon.

Walker faces $1 billion in road contracts in 2013 but not enough revenue in the state transportation fund to cover them. Declining gas usage and registration fees have weakened the fund, although Walker's 2011-13 budget stopped the long-running practice of shifting road dollars to help balance the state's general fund.

The governor's Transportation Finance Commission, appointed in 2011, is expected to recommend tax increases, based on a presentation one of its members made before the Transportation Development Association earlier this month. At the same meeting, Mike Berg, assistant secretary of the state Department of Transportation, warned of declining revenue for the transportation fund.

(photo by Adrian Palomo)

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