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Morning Links for Nov. 12, 2013
Women and beer, Google Glass and the Packers. Them's the news.
If you had to scrape off the sweet reminder of yesterday's snow from your car windows, you're not alone. Winter is unofficially here in Wisco, which means our annual four-month Tough Mudder has officially commenced. 
  • The Packers have signed quarterback Matt Flynn to play backup to Scott Tolzien in this week's game. 
  • Google Glass, that cheeky piece of augmented-reality technology that likely no one in Wisconsin owns, will now come with a music feature. 
  • According to the Los Angeles Times, in Karachi, Pakistan, kidnappings and muggings are commonplace in the country's "economic engine and financial hub." 
  • The Atlantic takes up the issue of women and beer. To wit, "the oldest known record of beer brewing comes from Ancient Egypt, where beer was made and sold almost entirely by women." 
  • Ponder this: what if the experience of going to the grocery store was like going to the Apple store. Huh?

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