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Sunny Side Up
UW says a Tibetan monk is the happiest man alive.
Matthieu Ricard: Happiest man alive?

Son of a Parisian philosopher and a well-respected watercolor painter, Matthieu Ricard, who divides his time between molecular genetics and serving as an adviser to the Dalai Lama, may have the happiest brain on the planet, according to UW researcher Richard Davidson.

Davidson's Lab for Affective Neuroscience has spent several years hooking up electrodes to the noggins of meditation practitioners. When Ricard's brain was wired in, the results were astonishing. He had levels of gamma waves (linked to happiness, consciousness and memory) "never reported before in the neuroscience literature," Davidson told the AFP news service.

Apparently no other monk has since beaten Ricard's record, which was set about four years ago.

Full story here.

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