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November 2005
Condo Crazy

November 2005

Volume 30

Number 11



Condo Mania

Get the lowdown on developments from city to suburb (cost, amenities, etc.) and meet the real estate developers fueling the buzz.

By Julie Sensat Waldren


My Life of Crime

Campaign on state time? Well, it didn’t seem to be a problem for legislative staff back in the ‘80s.

By Craig Peterson


At Home

Fancy yourself in England three centuries ago.

By Colleen Heather Rogan


The Damage Done

JR Folaron was 24 when he killed himself. End of story? Just the beginning. Details emerge about Folaron’s painkiller addiction and the doctor who prescribed the meds.

By Kurt Chandler


On the Cover

Photograph by Tim Evans




Grand-scale ado.

By Bruce Murphy



To quote Madonna: Express yourself.


This Month

C-prints (we explain ‘em), Valerie Harper, Delfs conducting the Florentine.

Edited by Julie Sensat Waldren


The Insider

The border hop, a sightless ethics visionary, Englishmen in Milwaukee.


Pressroom Confidential

A bloc love/hate relationship.

By Peter Robertson


Critical Eyes

Hip mamas, flophouse finery, Bay View books and other reads.


The Mil

The who’s-doing-what page.



Mega-pensions and a disappearing act.

By Bruce Murphy and Daniel Libit.


Savvy City


Work center serenity.


Real Estate

Is the bust coming?



What should be in his closet.



Honest Abe’s museum.


Dining Out

Balzac’s oenophile vibe and the “new” 5 O’Clock Club.

By Ann Christenson



Warning: Don’t try these beauty treatments at home.

By Kathleen Winkler


Dining Gide

Your pal in any dining situation. Find the restaurant you want in 10 seconds flat.



Drink and go night-night at a hotel bar.



Requiring photo I.D.s to vote is an affront to the democratic process.

By Bruce Murphy

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