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Things Being What They Are
Nov. 20-Dec. 15 at the Milwaukee Chamber Theatre

The “bromance” has come a long way since Oscar and Felix, and if you think this genre is all about men behaving badly (Judd Apatow-style), then the Milwaukee Chamber Theatre’s production of Things Being What They Are should be a breath of fresh air. Not that there isn’t a fair share of acting out in Wendy MacLeod’s 2003 play, but her comedy digs deeper into the nuances of male friendship and bonding. Here, Ryan Schabach and Dan Katula play friends whose marriages are on the rocks. And one of the city’s top young directors, Michael Cotey, helps shape their conversations into a telling exploration of “guy-love.”

➞ Things Being What They Are (Nov. 20-Dec. 15). Milwaukee Chamber Theatre. Broadway Theatre Center. Studio Theatre. 158 N. Broadway, 414-276-8842, chamber-theatre.com.

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