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Morning Links for Oct. 9, 2013
Proof that Gov. Scott Walker reads the local newspaper.

Some reading that's worth your time, and some of it was worth Gov. Scott Walker's time, too.

  • The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel's must-read Watchdog series on the local mental health system has apparently caught the eye of someone: Gov. Scott Walker. The series, he says, has impacted his thoughts on the issue. "Something dynamic needs to happen," Walker told reporter Meg Kissinger, and said he'd even consider stripping the Milwaukee County Board's oversight of the system.
  • The powerful" Frontline" documentary League of Denial, a poignant examination of the NFL's concussion crisis, has generated a wave of response after airing on PBS Tuesday night. That includes a thoughtful piece by former Milwaukee Associated Press sportswriter Chris Jenkins, who's now a writer at Marquette University. If you missed it, you can watch the entire documentary here.
  • Can't wait for Mike Brenner to open up his much-anticipated craft brewery in the Walker's Point? Turns out you'll have to wait longer, thanks to the federal government shutdown. The Associated Press reports how Brenner Brewing and other craft brewers have been hit by the shutdown's fallout. Brenner, as you might expect, is nonplussed.
  • Word of how the Milwaukee Bucks combined art and basketball reached all the way to the Big Apple, where the New York Times crafted a slideshow on the team's old and new artistic playing courts. The Bucks, who lost their preseason opener at Cleveland Tuesday, play their first home preseason game on the new court Saturday.
  • And finally, CBS 58 delivers word that Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett is about to deliver a message door to door, and it has nothing to do with an election. It's part of the efforts of Barrett and the Milwaukee Fire Department to curb the number of infant co-sleeping deaths.

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