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Morning Links for Oct. 8, 2013
A money makeover, a Facebook update and Twitter's diversity problem.
We've ingested the news and spit out the salient bits for your own consumption. Think of us as your mother Robin. 
  • The $100 bill just got a makeover. If you're like us, the only chance to see a new $100 bill will be right here, via TIME Magazine. 
  • Gov. Scott Walker changed the name of his Facebook page from "Scott Walker for Governor" to simply "Scott Walker." His public figure Facebook profile remains "Governor Scott Walker."
  • Two Wisconsin lawmakers have proposed taking Milwaukee's mental health care system away from the Milwaukee County Board, who currently oversees it, claiming that massive reform is needed. How this affects the county's mental health redesign initiative remains to be seen.
  • Twitter has no women on its board, and when asked about this, its chief executive Dick Costolo said that they couldn't find anyone qualified and didn't want to select an unqualified woman just to "check a box." So, helpfully, The New York Times found 25 qualified women.  
  • The gist of this tale of armed robbery, courtesy of the Journal Sentinel, is that technology is making it much easier for law enforcement to nab the unwitting criminals. 

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