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Superheroes Among Us
One company wants to find local superheros, or at least people who like to dress like them.

An outfit can affect your attitude just as much as a cape can turn you into a superhero. It’s true – there’s even research to prove it. A recent study led by Robin S. Rosenberg revealed that assuming the role of a superhero – now matter how – increases the likelihood of acting more heroically in real life. This phenomenon is known as “The Cape Effect.” 

The Milwaukee Mag staff spotted a caped Superman on Wisconsin Avenue back in July.

BuyCostumes.com caught wind and ran a promotion to find the most altruistic everyday superhero among us. Over the past month, contestants have been uploading pictures and videos committing a random act of heroism to the BuyCostumes.com Facebook page. The winner, to be announced this week, will receive $1,000 cash and a closetful of costumes from  – just in time for Halloween.

In the spirit of Halloween and costumed acts of kindness, let’s keep the contest going. I challenge you all to channel your inner superhero (donning a cape is optional) so we can create a community of everyday superheroes.

To view the gallery of contest submissions, click here. Check back next week to meet the winner of the BuyCostumes Everyday Superhero Award.

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Main image via Shutterstock.

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