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Morning Links for Oct. 4, 2013
Can Wisconsin keep a secret?

For one day only, we replace the good, the bad and the ugly with the good, the secret and the messy.


  • State Sen. Glenn Grothman, a Republican from West Bend, wants more secrecy in government, particularly as it applies to political donors. Grothman has sponsored a state bill that would shield the public from knowing who employs the people who contribute up to 96 percent of the political donations in Wisconsin. The measure has the support of state Sen. Mary Lazich (R-New Berlin). The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel has more on the effort.
  • You can complain about a lot of things in Milwaukee, but how the city treats its pensioners doesn't seem to be one of them. WUWM-FM 89.7 examines how Milwaukee has excelled at meeting its obligations to its pensioners at a time when so many other cities have failed to keep their promises to retirees.
  • After all these years, there may finally be an answer to the question of how Rust Belt cities can reinvent themselves. And that answer is advertising. A story at fastcocreate.com checks up on how cities such as Milwaukee, Detroit, Pittsburgh and Cleveland hope the power of marketing can turn over a new leaf.
  • This one's near and dear to our hearts, and depending on how your desk looks, you might very well agree. A recent study by the University of Minnesota lauds people with messy desks and disordered offices as being more likely to "produce fresh insights" and "think outside the box." The New York Times has the story. It does not, however, explain why those all those offices on Mad Men were so clean.
  • And finally, when does a bridge closure in Green Bay affect drivers from Milwaukee? When a lot of those drivers are heading up to see a Packers game. WTMJ examines how the Leo Frigo Bridge's closure is expected to have a ripple effect on traffic to and from Lambeau Field, and because it's a Gold Package Packers game, more Milwaukee-area fans will have to fight through it. The state's Department of Transportation is mobilizing to limit the effects. Its best advice: Leave early. In fact, stop reading. Just go right now.


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