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Blow Hard
The Kickstarter campaign to blow up a car Downtown has reached its goal.

And it’s happening. The “Love MKE. Blow Up a Car.” Kickstarter campaign led by Kyle Buckley reached its $10,000 goal late last night. So, on Oct. 26 somewhere in Downtown Milwaukee, Flipeleven will blow up a car.

What does blowing up a car have to do with loving Milwaukee? Good question. The project’s supporters (including NEWaukee and 35 filmmakers among others) hope the stunt will prove to the national film scene that Milwaukee is a great place to film movies and that Milwaukee filmmakers have the chops to make it on the big screen.

The explosion isn’t just a one-off spectacle, but a scene in the (tentatively titled) movie The Nugget. When the Flipeleven team’s horror film, Until Death, won Best Film and Best Director in the Milwaukee 48 Hours Film Project, they were awarded one day with a RED camera. They figured the best use of the high-end equipment was to film an elaborate explosion scene.

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schlitz_man_666 Posted: 10/11/2012 4:45:56 PM
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where? i wanna check it out.
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