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Beyond the Circus
Tips for Choosing a Theme for Your Wedding

Since I’ve been a kid, when it comes to a party having a theme makes it that much better.  Even though the themes are no longer clowns and carnivals, working as an event planner I still see couples wanting to incorporate some sort of theme into the biggest party they will ever throw. There is a big difference however in using a theme to tie together the details of a wedding compared to throwing a five year old birthday party. Wedding themes should be more understated and should mean something to couple or it will feel forced and unnatural to your guests. So, here are a few of my favorite tips in creating a wedding day theme for your special day.

It Must Have Meaning. Most importantly, when thinking about your wedding day theme you should always try to choose a theme that has a special meeting to you and your fiancé. Get seasick by just stepping onto the dock? Stay away from a nautical or water theme. Instead, try to consider hobbies that you as a couple love doing together. Remember, even though you may think that last years “rustic chic” theme craze looks breathtaking in photos, if you and your love are city dwellers with a love for urban décor your guests will be confused when they are invited to witness you exchange your vows in a barn.

Themes Can Be Subtle. Don’t stress if you can’t afford the art museum to tie in your art lover theme. A theme can simply be your colors or a special monogram you create of your new initials. Just add a little touch on everything from your save the dates to your cake and voila, a theme evolves.

Consider Your Venue. Ideally, you would think about theme and design before choosing your venue but realistically this is just not always the case. So, if you couldn’t risk losing your local and later decide that you are looking for a special theme, just be sure that the two somehow fit together.  If you have your venue first and are having a hard time developing a theme, think about why you chose the space in the first place. For example, if you chose a brewery because you were looking for a more laid back feel than you should resist the urge to turn your event into a black tie affair.

A Weddings Main Theme Should Always Be the Marriage. Just remember, whatever theme you chose it should not overtake the fact that the wedding day itself is about two people making a commitment to spend the rest of their lives together.

Lastly, just remember that you don’t have to have a theme just because it is something you saw in a bridal magazine. If you simply try to incorporate personalized touches here and there the theme will always be the two of you. 

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