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Music Video: Soul Low “Wake Up Pains”
Conjoined triplets overcome prejudice, find love

If the calendar year were to end today, UNEASY—the debut full-length from Milwaukee indie rockers Soul Low—would be on the short list of my favorite local albums of 2013. Moreover, the album would likely hold the top spot on said list and would appear in permanent marker, be underlined and have hearts drawn on both sides.

Now there’s great visual accompaniment to the band’s outstanding audio introduction, as the band filmed a music video for UNEASY single “Wake Up Pains.”

The video—shot and edited by Max Hey—centers on the band in the full conjoined triplet regalia (basically a 5XL T-shirt) and going about their day. Tragedy ensues when bassist/the video’s writer Sam Gehrke’s portion of the trinity has his third of a heart broken outside Anodyne coffee shop. Seeking solace in some lemonade, the triad experiences some rather conjoined-ist backlash from a salesman before taking their revenge. Come for the music and comedy, and stay for the triplet on triplet romance on Bay View’s shoreline.

See Soul Low for more than three minutes this weekend when the band performs at Hotel Foster with Midwest Death Rattle and Oidepus Tex this Saturday night (Oct. 5). The show begins at 9 p.m. (Soul Low plays second) and costs $5.

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mylescoyne Posted: 10/7/2013 4:33:37 PM
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Easily one of the, if not THE, best band in Milwaukee! Funny video!
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