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Ward's Coming to Delafield
Second location for the Downtown prime rib joint.

                                                       Photo via Shutterstock

Delafield’s Tony & Mia’s is no more. The Italian place in the former Ruggeri’s (515 Wells St.) has hung it up. Next occupant of the space? Location number two of Ward’s House of Prime (whose number one is at 540 E. Mason St.). Owner Brian Ward isn’t going to reinvent the wheel. The menu at the Delafield location – which may open in early December – will be the same as Downtown’s. The interior layout, of course, will be different. The place has already been gutted. On the first floor, Ward is removing a wall to open up the room. The dropped ceiling over the bar is coming out, in order to make the bar area larger. With finished bar-top tables, itll be what Ward calls a high-end bar-lounge that serves the full Ward’s menu – flatbreads to 125-ounce prime rib. The upstairs will be the room for tablecloth dining, with lots of dark wood and alabaster lighting. You might remember that the Downtown location has a Wall of Fame for people who eats massive portions of prime rib. Well, Delafield will have its own wall, so start stretching that stomach now. Again, D-month is December. 

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